iPhone 14: Bug with copy/paste query is now known, should be fixed as soon as possible

Image: MacRumors

It is a security query, which in its form has its justification: when pasting cache data from one app to another, iOS 16 asks whether the action is desired by the user or should be blocked. In the past few days, however, reports have been piling up on the Internet that this query appears quite regularly and annoyingly often as soon as content is copied at all. This should primarily affect the iPhone 14 device series using iOS 16. According to MacRumors Apple is now aware of the problem and is working on a solution that must then be distributed as soon as possible with a system fix. “This behavior is absolutely not to be expected, and we will get to the bottom of it,” Apple said. If you are also currently having these problems, then at least you are not alone and hopefully you will be offered a fix for it soon.

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