iPhone 14, programmed not to be repaired independently

The arrival of the new iPhone models has also brought with it several bad news outline. According to what was seen in the first disassembly videos of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, it seems that Apple has programmed the new devices not to be easily repairable independently.

In addition to having therefore increased the cost of replacing the battery for all models of the end of 2022, it seems that it is necessary to go to an official, authorized Apple service center, or to join the expensive self-repair program set up by the company to replace some components.

This even if the parts used are 100% functional and original.

Not a great start for what is unquestionably the “best iPhone ever”. Several YouTubers, among them Hugh Jeffreys And Phone Repair Guruthey found out news that we can only define as worrying during their usual test of disassembling and replacing parts from the new iPhone 14, both Pro and base.

In fact, trying to replace the motherboard between two different iPhone 14 Pro new and fully functionalJeffreys was able to verify how several of the smartphone features were deactivated and no longer reactivated at the time of reassembly. Replacement of display, Face ID module and battery effectively make expensive Apple smartphones unusable for which you paid good money.

The exchange

But let’s go in order to better understand the facts. Swapping the two motherboards of phones, Jeffreys has in fact simulated a repair intervention that replaces every single component of the iPhone that is not the motherboard.

This procedure was designed to check if Apple had removed its own locking systems introduced in past models or had introduced new ones.

What is discovered is, in no uncertain terms, very worrying regarding the right of every consumer to self-repair their devices.

What no longer works

Replacing the front camera module causes the Immediate locking of the Face ID system and all functions that use the sensor array it contains, such as the portrait mode and the kinematic mode with the front camera. In some cases it renders such a camera completely unusable.

The battery change makes the cell health indicator disappear from the system settings, useful to understand how much the battery of your iPhone has degraded over time. Changing the display, one of the most delicate and easily damaged parts, leads to complete deactivation of the automatic brightness sensor and of True Tone function.

All these interventions make the iPhone unusable as intended and the software bombards the user of alerts regarding the non-authenticity of the parts used. Parts that, we repeat, are 100% functional and original as they come from an identical and just disassembled “donor” iPhone.

Not even the fact of reconnecting the starting components to the original motherboard seems to solve all the problems caused by the Apple software, which is imposing an absolutely unnecessary block and which obliges the user to rely exclusively on official or authorized repair centers for interventions.

iPhone 14 Pro

The consequences

So, Even if you have an iPhone identical to yoursperhaps purchased on a flea market at an advantageous price because it is damaged, you cannot use it to personally retrieve the parts that are still working and replace them with the damaged ones of your beloved smartphone.

To give a practical example: it is as if, when a piece of the engine of your car breaks, you were forced to go to the manufacturer or a mechanic authorized directly by it for replacement, for example not being able to recover the piece from a another car damaged, solving the problem and avoiding that this perfectly functioning piece ends up in a landfill.

The launch of the program Self Service Repair it seemed to show a first opening of the Cupertino colossus to the sacrosanct right of each user to repair an object that in fact he has bought and owns.

The proof of the facts, however, the company has instead tightened the links, making the iPhone 14 even more difficult to repair for geek users, enthusiasts and anyone with a minimum of manual skills to be able to try the operation. It is possible to switch from the official Apple Self Service Repair program, but this sometimes costs a lot more than going directly to an official service center, a move that was certainly made to discourage users from do-it-yourself repairs.

We leave you at original video which explains in detail every single problem encountered:

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