iPhone 14 would accompany its launch with the AirPods Pro 2

There are many doubts and speculations about the iPhone 14, but something that he had apparently never thought about was the possibility that the smartphone was accompanied by an attractive accessory.

Virtually all the rumors circulating so far suggest that Apple’s smartphone could represent a major leap in design.

More than anything due to the integration of a new photographic module for the rear camera where it will finally increase the power of its lenses after more than 6 years using exactly the same sensor.

But apparently that would not be the only surprise that the guys from Cupertino are preparing for when the time comes for their official presentation in about four months.

Would the AirPods Pro 2 come separately or in a package with the iPhone 14?

As we have already reported, it seems imminent that Apple would be almost ready to renew its latest generation of high-end wireless headphones with a new model: those hitherto known as AirPods Pro 2.

What has taken us by surprise was the revelation by renowned leaker Mark Gurman, who assured that this product would be a stellar element of the line of products launched by Apple for its fall season.

This means that the headphones would completely coincide with the launch and presentation of the also inevitable iPhone 14.

The curious thing here is that none of this would correspond to a master plan to boost smartphone sales.

On the contrary, towards the end of this year, the previous models of the AirPods Pro will be reaching three years of active life on the market.

Three years is just the standard average lifespan for the batteries built into those hearing aids. So the existence of this new accessory would rather correspond to the next urgent need to change them.

The situation now points to Apple having a double presentation of two star products: the iPhone 14 and the AirPods Pro 2.

However, it seems unlikely that the guys from Cupertino are going to announce everything as part of the same package.

As usually happens in other keynotes, it is very likely that both products will be shown separately and that later an attractive but isolated offer will be found in the official Apple distribution stores.

But the crossover reveal between the iPhone 14 and AirPods Pro 2 looks like a curious coincidence right now.

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