iPhone 15: for its next smartphone, Apple will take up the design of an old best seller

News JVTech iPhone 15: for its next smartphone, Apple will take up the design of an old best seller

Yes, the iPhone 14 is only 2 months old, but rumors about the next Apple smartphone are already swelling. According to some very knowledgeable insiders, the design of the iPhone 15 would be very similar to a model dating from a bunch of years ago. The following information should be taken with a grain of salt, we are very far from the release of the iPhone 15 and Apple’s plans can obviously change.

iPhone 15: reminder of the most stubborn rumors around Apple’s future smartphone

Some analysts are almost never wrong about the intentions of the Cupertino company. Even before the release of the iPhone 14, many of these top analysts had laid the groundwork around which the iPhone 15 rumors are already building.

As you surely know, Europe voted in favor of the universal charger. From 2024, all smartphone manufacturers will have to adapt to the USB-C port. The Lightning being a largely outdated connector, it would be consistent to see Apple blow it up next year.

However, one question remains unanswered: will the Apple brand force itself to switch to UBS-C on its iPhones or will it dare to remove the charging port altogether in order to go 100% wireless? ? For the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and some of his colleaguesApple seems to have finally decided to switch to USB-C, at least for its most premium models. Logically, we do not sell a product marketed for the “Pro” capable of photographing and filming ultra large images without a port to transfer these images to a computer.

iPhone 15: for its next smartphone, Apple will take up the design of an old best seller
  • Then there is the range.

Another point on which almost everyone already seems to agree is the new evolution of the iPhone range. In 2022, we saw the “Mini” range being replaced by the “Plus” range. For 2023, we should say goodbye to the “Pro Max” range and hello to the “Ultra” range. According to Mark Gurman and Ming Chi Kuo, the “Large size Pro” version will differ from the classic size Pro version on several technical aspects. A new terminology would then be required.

A priori, the Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro range should be imposed on all models. Other less likely rumors also speak of the disappearance of physical buttons on the sides of the device, replaced by haptic feedback.

We come to our subject of the day. The last big rumor will interest people: the iPhone 15 will take design elements from the best seller that was the iPhone 5C.

A little reminder of the design of the iPhone 5C

The design of the iPhone 15 similar to that of the iPhone 5C?

The leaker ShrimpApplePro has a few successes to his credit but remains less reliable than the men mentioned above. The design of the edges of the iPhone have changed from rounded to flat. There are not 15,000 different practical shapes, it seems logical to switch to a more rounded shape by next year.

According to the leaker, the edges on the back of the iPhone 15 would be between flat and rounded, a bit like the latest MacBook Pro range… or the iPhone 5C.

Same leaker other novelty: it seems that the new chassis would be manufactured titanium (at least for the most expensive iPhone 15), a much more noble material than the plastic on the back of the iPhone 5C. Titanium is light, resists heat well and absorbs shocks perfectly.

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