iPhone buyers will find soap instead of cell phone in a box

© Getty Images / vintagerobot/istockphoto

A man from India had one iPhone 12 via the Indian online mail order company Flipkart ordered, which had lured with strong discounts. That iPhone 12 mini about 34,999 rupees were sold – that’s around 400 Euro. The buyer paid 51,999 rupees for the iPhone 12 – not quite 600 Euro. For this amount of money, however, the buyer did not get his new smartphone, but 2 bars of soap.

Since he had filmed the unpacking of the ordered goods and was able to prove that the sale was fraudulent, Flipkart refunded the entire sum within a few days, reports Gizchina.

It is best to always document unpacking

If you order devices that are particularly heavily discounted, it can generally make sense to document unpacking. You don’t have absolute proof, but at least you have something in hand in case of complaints.

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