iPhone crypto scams on Tinder escalate in Europe

Fraudsters use fake profiles on dating sites to lure their victims into a crypto trap.

Security researchers from Sophos Labs warn of a new scam on the Internet: Cyber ​​gunners are increasingly targeting European users of apps such as Tinder and Bumble in order to hijack their iPhones for their crypto fraud schemes. The Sophos researchers call the threat “CryptoRom“.

This is how the scam works

“First of all, the attackers create convincing fake profiles on dating sites. Once they get in touch with a target, they suggest continuing the conversation on a messaging platform, ”said Jagadeesh Chandraiah, senior threat researcher at Sophos. Then the fraudsters try to persuade the target persons to install a fake trading app for cryptocurrencies on their iPhones and to invest money there.

“At first glance, the returns look very good. However, if the victim reclaims the money or tries to access the finances, it will be rejected and the money will be lost. Our research shows that the fraudsters use this scam to steal millions of euros, ”explains Chandraiah.

On the rise in Europe

While the attackers had mainly targeted Asian regions in the past, the attacks are now also shifting to Europe and the USA. Sophos has one controlled by cyber criminals Bitcoin-Wallet with almost 1.4 Million US-Dollar (1.2 million Euros).

To avoid falling victim to this scam, iPhone users should only install apps from the Apple App Store. The golden rule is that if something seems risky or too good to be true, then it is better not to do it.

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