Iran: new protests after the death of a woman in prison

A demonstration took place on Sunday evening in Sanandaj, capital of the province of Kurdistan in the north-west of the country, where the young woman is from, and other protests took place on Monday in several universities in the capital, according to local media.

Monday evening, in Hejab Street (“muslim veil“in Persian) in the center of Tehran,”several hundred people chanted slogans against the authorities, some of them took off their hijabs“, announced the Fars agency.

A short video released by the agency shows a crowd of several dozen people, including women who have removed their veils, shouting “death to the Islamic Republic“.

Police arrested several people and dispersed the crowd using batons and tear gas“, said Fars.

A similar gathering took place in Mashhad, the first holy city of the country located in the northeast, the Tasnim agency reported.

On September 13, Masha Amini was arrested in Tehran for “wearing inappropriate clothingby the vice police, a unit tasked with enforcing the Islamic Republic of Iran’s strict dress code for women.

In Iran, covering your hair is compulsory in public. This police further prohibits women from wearing short coats above the knee, tight pants and jeans with holes as well as brightly colored outfits, among others.

The young woman fell into a coma after her arrest and died on September 16 in hospital, according to state television and her family.

Activists judged his death “suspicious“but the Tehran police claimed that there was no”no physical contactbetween the police and the victim.

The death of the young woman sparked a wave of anger in Iran. And Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has called for an investigation to be opened.

After an initial demonstration on Saturday in Saghez, Mahsa Amini’s hometown, a protest of around 500 people took place in Sanandaj, according to Fars.

– “regrettable incident“-

Protesters shouted anti-official slogans, smashed car windows and set trash cans on fire“, the agency said. Police used “tear gas to disperse the crowd“and stopped”several people“.

Many protesters are convinced that Mahsa died under torture“, wrote Fars.

In the Iranian capital, students have launched protest movements in several universities, including those of Tehran and Shahid Beheshti, according to Tasnim.

They demanded from the authorities “clarificationon the Iranian woman’s death.

Tehran’s police chief, General Hossein Rahimi, again rejected the “unfair charges against the police“.

There was no negligence on our part. We conducted investigations (…) And all the evidence shows that there was no negligence, or inappropriate behavior on the part of the police“, he said.

This is a regrettable incident and we wish never to witness such incidents again.“, he added.

– “Decent clothes“-

General Rahimi again stressed that the young woman had violated the dress code, and that the police had asked Mahsa’s relatives to bring her “decent clothes“.

On the day of his death, state television broadcast a short surveillance video showing a woman identified as Mahsa Amini collapsing in police premises after a discussion with a female officer.

On Monday, Amjad Amini, the victim’s father, told Fars that the “video was cut“and claimed that his daughter had”was transferred late to the hospital“.

Iranian Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi said on Saturday that “Mahsa apparently had previous issues“and that she”had undergone brain surgery at the age of five“.

Information denied by the father, who assured that his daughter was “in perfect health“. The young woman was arrested while she was in Tehran visiting with her family.

In recent months, the morality police have been criticized for violent interventions.

Many filmmakers, artists, sports, political and religious figures have expressed their anger on social networks after the death of the young woman.

Abroad, the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell on Monday condemned the death “unacceptableof this young woman and called on the authorities to punish those responsible.

France, for its part, described as “deeply shocking“the arrest and death in custody of this young Iranian woman, also calling for a”transparent investigation to shed light on the circumstances of this tragedy“, according to his Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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