Iron Man: a solo game from one of the most hated publishers?

Hello rumor of the day! A new single-player Iron Man game is in development according to several credible sources. The problem is that it is in the hands of a publisher who is far from unanimous.

In addition to the MCU, Marvel wants to enter the video game market more aggressively. The publisher already has many projects in the works, including the highly anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine at Insomniac Games. And in addition to an open world game Black Panther, another particularly appreciated hero would have the right to his own adaptation: Iron Man.

An Iron Man single-player game at EA

A new Marvel video game adaptation is reportedly in development. Jeff Grubb continues to distil information on upcoming projects out of the blue in his podcasts and the latest one concerns the comics giant directly. According to his information, a solo game around a Marvel hero is in the cards at a large American publisher, and it is not the most popular: EA. We recall that the company would be working on another solo action game around Black Panther which would be in the hands of a new team made up of former members of Monolith Productions, a studio well known for Shadow of Mordor.

L’insider with a well-hung tongue, however, did not provide more details on this second project. So Tom Henderson did it for him. The usually well-informed man would have gotten wind of a few rumours. According to him, it would simply be an Iron Man single-player game. We will certainly have to wait a little longer before having more details. After Star Wars, it seems that Electronic Arts will also tackle the Marvel universe with several adaptations. Not bad for a publisher that openly mocked single-player games last month.

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