Iron Man: artist makes a 3D replica of the hero’s armor for children

A cosplay artist has managed to create a 3D Iron Man armor the size of a 4-year-old.

Iron Man remains a flagship hero of the Marvel universe, despite the weight of the years. And it is certainly not Daniel Abare, a cosplay artist, who will tell you otherwise. The latter has indeed accomplished a small feat. Using 3D printing technology, Abare was able to fully recreate a copy of the hero’s armor, scaled to a 4-year-old. And the result is simply stunning realism. This crazy project took its creator no less than 4 weeks of hard work. No detail has been forgotten, until the famous arc reactor.

A replica larger than life!
A replica larger than life! – Credit: Instagram / @builddanielbuild

The artist shared his creation via social networks, triggering a memorable buzz. But Abare is not at his first attempt. His collection already features many replicas from other franchises, such as Star Wars.

Awesome miniature Iron Man armor

This is an order made from the artist, for an amount of 1300 dollars. In the past, Abare had already produced replica helmets for several customers. Star Wars and the costume of Doom Slayer. But the artist has also already tried the Marvel universe. Indeed, the young man has already had fun creating larger-than-life replicas of the weapons of Thor or Mjolnir.

The Mark 85 armor made by Abare appeared in Endgame. This costume has become iconic. This is the one Stark wears during his final showdown with Thanos. A model that has already inspired many cosplayers around the world. But this version is by far the most successful. You can order from the artist as long as your wallet allows. And something tells us that his order book may well explode after this providential highlight.

We are already dreaming of a replica, but this time life-size. A challenge that Abare could no doubt meet with flying colors. We advise you to visit his Instagram page without delay here !

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