Iron Man may have a replacement in the MCU

Will War Machine replace Iron Man in the MCU? Don Cheadle, the interpreter of the superhero, stirs up trouble with a statement that seems to go in this direction. Be careful, we take tweezers!

Image 1: Iron Man may have a replacement in the MCU
A found replacement for Iron Man? – Credit: Marvel Studios

As we know, the MCU is taking an unprecedented turn in its history. After more than ten years with the same team until the confrontation against Thanos in Endgame which was entitled to its retrogaming version, the Avengers are formed with newcomers. Sam Wilson, formerly Falcon, now wears Captain America’s costume and shield. Kate Bishop replaces Hawkeye while Yelena Belova is now Black Widow. But who to replace Iron Man? Don Cheadle, aka War Machine in the MCU, could take up the torch. In any case, this is what the actor suggests during an interview.

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A found replacement for Tony Stark?

Image 2: Iron Man may have a replacement in the MCU
What heir for Iron Man? – Credit: Marvel Studios

Who to replace Iron Man in the MCU? Because in full passing of the torch during phase 4, Tony Stark still does not have a worthy successor. Of course everyone thinks to James Rhodes as a replacement as War Machine.

His interpreter, Don Cheadle, will be entitled to his series Armor Wars on Disney+. Without forgetting a presence in Secret Invasion. Inevitably, the way seems open to make him the new iron man.

Not to mention that War Machine has an armor designed by Tony Stark with the same characteristics. Asked about this, Don Cheadle tells us more… while remaining evasive!

During an interview with Extra, Don Cheadle states that “ it is the first time that I hear about [du remplacement d’Iron Man par War Machine]. So I guess I have no comment “.

In a video available via the QR Code from episode 5 of she hulkthe actor adds a layer by being more generous in terms of confidences!

I mean I think James Rhodes is a complete guy. I don’t think anyone can really slip into the shoes of Tony Stark, Iron Man.

I believe he did it as well as anyone could. But I imagine we’re going to learn a lot more about what he wants, who he is, and its place in the firmament of the MCU. Honestly, I don’t know much more than you know.

–Don Cheadle

A series planned for 2022

It’s in 2022, no specific datethat the series Armor Wars will air on Disney+. The opportunity to learn more about this secondary character present since the beginning of the MCU.

And maybe see it replace Tony Stark in the shoes of the famous Iron Man!

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