Is a new foreigner added to Colo Colo? The proposal of the clubs to form the bases of the tournament in 2023

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On November 29, a new Council of Presidents will be held at the ANFP where the clubs will analyze and define the new bases of the National Championship for 2023.

The club proposal to form the bases of the tournament in 2023.
© Guillermo SalazarThe club proposal to form the bases of the tournament in 2023.

Crucial moments will begin to be lived for the formation of the bases of what will be the National Championship in 2023. On November 29, there will be a new meeting of the ANFP presidents’ council, where the new rules of competition in Chilean soccer will be analyzed.

An instance in which all the presidents of the clubs will meet to specify some ideas for improving the bases of the tournamentthat allow Chilean soccer to increase its rise in terms of internal competition between all clubs, as well as to find the appropriate way to do so in international competitions.

The proposal of the Chilean soccer clubs for the bases of the tournament in 2023.

Although no meeting has yet been arranged in this regard, The clubs are already handling some options to propose when the meeting of the presidents is held in the council that will take place on November 29where darts have started to aim to return to short tournaments.

It is that the possibility of returning two tournaments per semester for a year has been gaining strength and has generated more than a few debates in sports programsas well as on social networks by the fans who also speak out about this option that has begun to emerge.

But that would not be all, since, the darts are also aimed at the possibility that a new quota of foreigners can be added to reinforce the templates. A measure without a doubt that would benefit all the clubs and would open the option of going in search of a new footballer to make up their squad.

The truth is that so far there are only a few options that have begun to be analyzed in this regard, and that it will not be known what will be defined until the next meeting of presidents where all the corresponding ideas are established and confirm the bases of the tournament with a view to 2023.

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