Is age a disease to be cured?

Faced with old age, we are kinds of modern Sisyphus, fighting against time that seems lost in advance, trying to mitigate the damage of years. Of course, personal development specialists, gerontologists and philosophers help us endure the vagaries of the last stage of our lives. We are told that every age has its advantages, that it is part of the “cycle of life”, and we tend to regard methods of “staying young” as mere cosmetic tricks intended to delay the appearance of the inevitable. .

Aging without taking a wrinkle today seems to fall within the realm of fantasy. Yet, one wonders why humans – and most other species – experience degradation in their bodies leading to what we call “aging.” What if there was another solution? What if old age was not the process that we have been described for so long as inevitable but, on the contrary, a disease like any other for which we could develop treatments and which we could perhaps be cured one day? Could we die young and a hundred years old? The question divides scientists, but for some of them, there would be hope.

When our cells get old

But first, what exactly is old age? Wrinkles, joint pain, whitening hair, diminishing vitality? What we see there in a pers

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