Is it difficult for you to learn English? Here are 4 tips to achieve it quickly and fun

English has become a universal language and necessary to open several personal and professional opportunities. Some will study it because it is part of their curriculum and others because they want to travel abroad. The truth is that, whichever way you look at it, the English will allow you to develop as a professional in different parts of the world.

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“It is important that people can learn and develop their skills in each of the four communicative competences of the language (speaking, listening, reading and writing). To do this, they must accurately measure their progress and accurately identify the points of improvement that they must promote and include resources that allow them to reach the level they aspire to” explains Patricia Almendro, academic coordinator at Pearson.

In this sense, the specialist offers the following recommendations so that students learn English more effectively.

Set learning goals

There is an expertly designed tool that provides free resources to measure student progress. Global Scale of English (GSE), helps to select the correct learning objectives, as well as the grammar and vocabulary required for their advancement.

Listen to music and movies in English

While on a day-to-day basis students read or listen to the English language, the easier it will be to learn new words. Suggest these activities to your students to improve their listening whether they are cleaning their house or tidying their room, taking a bath, in the car, etc.

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Talk to people whose native language is English

There are various platforms that aim for people to exchange knowledge of languages. This is an opportunity to meet people who have advanced English and can help you further improve your English skills.

Use of technology in favor of your students

Other ways for your students to become familiar with the language and continue learning, is change the language of mobile phone and computer to English. In this way, they will learn and practice better.

It is worth mentioning that this Saturday, September 24, the “Pearson Conference 2022: Empowering Teachers and Learners” will be held free of charge, an online event aimed at English teachers from all over Peru where they will have the opportunity to participate in the academic sessions in charge of international speakers, addressing issues for a better acquisition of the English language.

Those interested in participating can register at the following link:


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