Is it necessary for your child to listen to you at their level?

At school meetings, many parents ask the following: why my son does not listen to me, what am I doing wrong? To solve this problem there is a parenting method called ‘active listening’where you just have to get down to the level of your offspring and talk to him.

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Experts in Psychology explain that by bending down you are not losing authority before your child, on the contrary, you are promoting many benefits in him. For example, you generate effective communication, reinforce the family bond, boost his self-esteem and self-confidence, show him the interest you have in listening to him, promote his emotional intelligence and also transmit calm and serenity. Likewise, you foster empathy between the two and exercise your authority and instill respect, without causing fear.

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Do not worry if you did not get down to your child’s level before to talk with him, because you can start now. How? Call him by his name first and tell him you want to talk to him. When you have him in front of you, bend down, grab both shoulders with your hands (don’t press too hard), look him in the eye and say what you want to say. Believe it or not, this type of communication is very effective. Your offspring will capture everything you express.


If your son is crying or complaining, before talking to him, hug him very tight, so that he feels that you are by his side to support him in everything. Remember that physical contact calms and relaxes the body. Don’t go snapping at her and saying, ‘Shut up already!’ ‘Enough of all the whining!’ or ‘Are you a little man or not!’ This will only suppress their emotions and you will not be able to practice ‘active listening’.


Nor is it about putting yourself at their level and accessing everything they ask for. Understand her position, but do not forget that the child must respect the rules and limits that you have established at home.


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