Is it possible to change a bad first impression?

It usually happens that when we meet someone for the first time you realize that there is no connection with that person, in some cases it causes us rejection and in others revulsion. There is an ‘I don’t know what’ that prevents you from having confidence in her. that first bad Print may not be removed from you headbut is it possible to change it?

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For Daniel Largo, an expert in the study of the personalityIt is complex, but it can be done. He explains that the first impression is a quick attribution that we make of a person based on certain details. But what you don’t know is that those details don’t just come from you, but also from the other.

“When you meet a person for the first time, this fits you mentally within a predetermined archetype, for example: the stressed family man, the extroverted uncle, the polite friend, etc., it is something that provides us with superficial security. And it is at that precise moment that the person creates a mental plot in which your image alongside other people’s, regardless of whether or not you fit into that category.”indicates.

That means, he adds, that, “Regardless of what you do, there will be times when people ‘misclassify’ you, because your mood has a big influence on that analysis. Let’s say that half of the good impression depends on you and the other half on the other person “.

The second impression is more based on actions. Photo: Stock.

Now when you leave a bad Print and you want to erase it because you consider that you are not really how they see you, Largo recommends, in case you have made a transcendental change, to let the person know (with words and attitudes) that you are now in this way. Repeat it as many times as necessary, since by inertia he will continue to treat you as before.

“If we don’t do this repeatedly it will be very difficult for us to progress because we will be tied to our old selves,” indicates. If you will never see that person again don’t try to make any moves, but if they are part of your circle and you are in contact with them from time to time, work on it.

How to make a good last impression:

1. Take life sportingly. If you don’t get what you want accept the situation, others will see it as a symbol of maturity and reliability.

2. Give off affection in your last contact. Only someone with a lot to offer is capable of doing this. March leaving a good taste in the mouth, they will stay thinking about you for a long time.

3. Keep calm. This will instill the respect with which they will remember you.

If you follow these steps and feel like you left a bad impression just forget it, you’ve done your part; you will improve over time.


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