Is it possible to increase the bass of my JBL Boombox?

Anyone who buys the JBL Boombox is looking for a powerful speaker with high quality sound. This includes very strong and present bass, which makes the windows shake. Because of this, many wonder if it is possible to increase the bass power on the JBL Boombox 2.

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In a short answer, unfortunately, not natively. That is, through the official JBL application, where you can customize and manage your devices and speakers, there is no possibility of increasing the Boombox bass.

Is there a possibility to make my JBL Boombox more powerful?

If you still want to try to improve the audio experience of your Boombox, despite not being able to do so via the official app, there are other alternatives.

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One of them is precisely to use third-party applications that can change the audio equalization directly on the sound output. So you can use options like Neutralizer, Jetaudio and Music Player X.

The information is quite simple in the JBL app (Image: Canaltech)

In addition, on some smartphones, there is the system’s native equalizer that allows you to increase bass or other frequencies directly at the sound output and, consequently, from your Boombox.

As these equalizers are native or proprietary to smartphone brands, they should not pose a risk to the speaker. However, third-party applications may not be very reliable.

If you install some unknown software, you can put both your phone and your Boombox at risk. Whether it’s malware that damages its functioning or an infection that manages to steal sensitive data or gain access to your Wi-Fi and other private networks. Therefore, only download apps from your operating system’s official store.

However, if you just want to enjoy a good speaker, the factory settings of the JBL Boombox e already provide an excellent experience, whether for parties or creating ambient sound.

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