Is it worth buying the iPhone 14 Pro?

We’ve been waiting years for a next-gen iPhone, and with the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple may have finally brought us one. In short, the iPhone 14 Pro finally brings real changes to the look and feel of the iPhone, and it makes some significant changes to the overall experience.

The iPhone 14 Pro is packed with new features, plus the fastest powerful mobile processor to date. Also, the iPhone 14 Pro finally broke through the notch (sort of).

In view of this, we are not going to make a mystery out of it and confirm that it is worth it, for those who have the value to invest, and for those who like cutting-edge technology, to acquire an iPhone 14 Pro. And if you want to know why this statement, below we will present you the top six reasons to consider buying an iPhone 14 Pro.

1. iPhone 14 Pro put an end to the notch

Credits: Disclosure/Apple

In short, many people have waited for years for Apple to get rid of the notch. While Apple hasn’t dropped the notch on the standard iPhone 14 models, the iPhone 14 Pro introduces a sleeker pill-shaped cutout known as the Dynamic Island.

While this new cutout design is still glaring over the tiny cameras we see on many Androids, Apple has managed to turn it into a feature. So, instead of showing notifications falling from the top of the display, on the iPhone 14 Pro they come out of the Dynamic Island — at least those of the supported apps.

However, the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island is not just a notification hub. It’s also a space where you can keep track of all the apps you have running in the background. It works as an app and notification manager.

2. The iPhone has an always-on screen

Credits: Disclosure/Apple
Credits: Disclosure/Apple

Do you like the always-on display on the Apple Watch? In that case, you’ll be glad to know that it’s finally made its way to the iPhone. While it’s a feature Android phones introduced years before, Apple’s version of an always-on display definitely doesn’t disappoint.

When it comes to always-on technology, most devices with the feature usually give you a black background and some very minimal text that lets you see information like the time and your notifications. The iPhone 14 Pro, on the other hand, doesn’t completely erase the screen.

Instead, it darkens your wallpaper. This means that background and lock screen customizations can glow whether your screen is on or off.

For now at least, the always-on display is exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. While Apple is beyond catching up when it comes to bringing some high-end features to the iPhone, it does it in its own unique way. And in this case, it was definitely worth the wait.

3. Massive Camera Update

Credits: Disclosure/Apple
Credits: Disclosure/Apple

The iPhone 14 Pro features a class-leading 48MP camera with a quad-pixel sensor. To put this in perspective, and to show you the size of the change, keep in mind that all iPhone cameras, from the 6S to even the 13 Pro, featured 12-megapixel cameras.

This leap in resolution, paired with a 65% larger camera sensor than the previous generation, means the iPhone 14 Pro can capture more light and add even more detail to photos. Apple even says the iPhone 14 Pro is twice as good as the iPhone 13 Pro at taking pictures in low light, a place even the best smartphone cameras often struggle.

4. Mega powerful processor

Credits: Disclosure/Apple
Credits: Disclosure/Apple

Unlike the iPhone 13 series, where both the base iPhone and the iPhone 13 Pro share the same processor, Apple has made the latest A16 Bionic chip unique to the iPhone 14 Pro models.

The A16 Bionic is built on a 4nm process and can perform up to 17 trillion operations per second. Impressive, isn’t it? That means (in the real world) that the iPhone 14 Pro is more efficient and faster than any iPhone that has come before.

Apple even claims that the processor is up to 40% faster than the competition. In addition to the expected upgrades in gaming speed and performance, the A16 Bionic on the iPhone 14 Pro gives you access to some exclusive features. For example, the chip has a display engine that allows the iPhone 14 Pro to change its refresh rate by up to 1Hz. In this way, it makes an always-on display possible on an iPhone.

5. Biggest iPhone redesign in years

Credits: Disclosure/Apple
Credits: Disclosure/Apple

In the past, Apple followed a predictable schedule with its iPhone releases. First, Apple would debut a brand new iPhone, and the following year we would have a faster S model. That meant we would have a visual redesign iPhone every two years.

But in recent years, we’ve had a much less frequently redesigned iPhone. The iPhone X with the notch has been out since 2017. While the newer iPhones have gotten much faster, have much better cameras, and boast much longer battery life, the overall front design of the iPhone has remained largely the same.

The iPhone 14 Pro changes that. In short, it comes in new colors, but the changes go deeper. Thanks to Dynamic Island, the iPhone 14 Pro feels like a next-gen iPhone; for many, this is the iPhone they’ve been waiting for.

iPhone 14 Pro price

Credits: Disclosure/Apple
Credits: Disclosure/Apple

Perhaps this is the “worst” and most controversial point: the price. This is said, because on the Apple website, it is possible to find the iPhone 14 Pro from R$ 9,499.00. And yes, I agree with you who think”But that’s a lot of money for a phone“.

In fact, this value is very high here in Brazil. But to give you an idea, in the United States, Apple sells the device at US$ 999 – something around R$ 5,200. There, the company has not increased prices since the iPhone X in 2017. That is, even with the 9.1% rise in inflation, Apple maintained its prices there.

While the iPhone 14 Pro is definitely not a budget option here in Brazil, it is undoubtedly a very powerful device. So, if you are a person who has a high purchasing power, and likes technology, the iPhone 14 Pro can be a good option.

If you don’t have all these resources to invest in the iPhone, but you’re a fan of Apple, it’s worth checking out this material, and getting to know more about what the company has done to innovate in its line of iPhones.

The iPhone 14 Pro might not be the most exciting phone on the market, but it’s a visual upgrade we’ve been looking forward to for years. So if you’ve been waiting for an iPhone that finally introduces new things, the iPhone 14 Pro might be just what you’ve been waiting for.

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