Is Psygnosis Coming Back? Sony renews the name and logo of the historic company

Sony has renewed the rights to exploit the logo (the famous owl) and the name Psygnosis, an English company acquired by the Japanese company in 1993 with the aim of developing games exclusively for the first PlayStation. Psygnosis was then closed in 2007 and renamed Studio Liverpool, which itself closed in 2012.

We don’t know exactly what the brand renewal hides, it could be very banal bureaucratic needs to maintain the rights to use the name but it is not certain that Sony really wants to bring this brand back to life. It is also true that PlayStation Studios is focusing heavily on Europe and in particular on the English studios (as evidenced by the acquisition of Firesprite by Sony), who knows then that the name Psygnosis can not really be the protagonist of a relaunch.

The English company is responsible for video games that are still remembered with great affection today as Barbarian e Barbarian II, Colony Wars, Deep Space, the Destruction Derby series, the Formula One series on PlayStation (1997 to 1999), G-Police, Krazy Ivan, Lemmings, the Shadow of the Beast trilogy on the Amiga and of course Wipeout, Wipeout 2097 e Wipeout 3.

Certainly a return that could delight nostalgics, even if as mentioned there are no certainties on the matter and the renewal could be linked only to bureaucratic issues without the real desire to bring this historic brand of the European videogame industry back to life.

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