Is Starlink Internet good for video games? Experts put the service of Elon Musk’s company to a severe test

satellite internet. That’s what the company offers Elon Musk, Starlink. This division of SpaceX puts a lot of gadgets in the Earth’s orbit, in order to bring connections to any part of the world.

A video of Youtube or what Twitter open you smoothly on a mountain or in the middle of the ocean; where it is impossible to lay a fiber cable connection, is Starlink’s goal.

And it is certainly to celebrate what they are achieving, from this administration that is part of the Elon Musk empire.

However, if we cannot launch a game of call of duty, Free Fireand, among US either cyberpunk 2077 online, then we are in trouble.

Is the world gamer who has the last word in this regard. So, although this Internet still has many aspects to improve, Some Brazilian developers decided to put the connection to the test, during a round of video games.

Surprisingly, according to review hard zonethe results were positive, despite being a low latency Internet.

Online video games connected to Starlink

The good thing about trying the Internet of star link with video games is that the connection is subjected to conditions closer to the limit, due to the changing development of the graphics.

Therefore, if the game runs fine in this scenario, Most likely, it will work optimally in the reproduction of audiovisual content or data transmission.

The aforementioned portal tells in its review that those who tested video games on the Starlink Internet were Brazilian experts from adrenaline. In principle, the speed responses of the synthetic tests were acceptable.

They explain that the antennas operate on frequencies that are positioned between the 26.5GHz and 40GHz; barriers that are much like 5G connections.

They tested it with a round of the recently awarded Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Seige. The shooter tactic developed by Ubisoft registered latency of 30 and 40 ms, quite good for the graphics it presents and the response time it requires.

Obviously it cannot be compared to a direct fiber cable connection. But let’s remember that in hard-to-reach towns this option will not exist.

So, it is a good start with the hope that connection levels will improve in the future.

The big downside of star link prices remain. It is necessary to spend approximately 500 dollars for the installation of the equipment that they receive from orbit and that feed your home from the Internet.

Likewise, the monthly fee for the service continues to position itself well above conventional Internet services.

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