Is this great Nintendo classic coming to Switch soon?  Fan dream could come true

Is this great Nintendo classic coming to Switch soon? Fan dream could come true

When the Gamecube on September 14, 2001 was born in Japan, Nintendo had high hopes for the console with its square design. Almost a year and a half after the Playstation 2, a technically superior console was positioned, which initially relied on optical data carriers. But the gamecube turned out to be a huge flop. While the Playstation 2 with almost 160 million copies sold became the most successful console of all time, you could only get a disappointing one from the “Spielkubus”. 21.7 million drop off copies.

The Gamecube flops – despite great games

The Gamecube was a flop with announcement. The trend among the sales figures of Nintendo stationary consoles was clearly pointing downwards at the beginning of the new millennium. From the NO a proud 61.9 million copies were sold, that SuperNintendo only came to 49.1 million devices and with the N64 the market leadership was lost to Sony due to the meager number of 32.9 million consoles sold.

While you got a DVD player “for free” with the purchase of a Playstation 2, Nintendo cooked up its own proprietary format in the form of mini DVDs again own soup. The console’s idiosyncratic design also reinforced Nintendo’s image of making “games for children”, while the PS2 also clearly adheres to a visual “adult” target group oriented. Despite the flop, a number of top notch exclusives appeared for the Gamecube.

This Gamecube classic is set to come to Nintendo Switch

The gaming year 2023 has a very special curiosity to offer. The two currently best rated games are former exclusive games for the Gamecube. A few weeks ago, Nintendo surprised everyone with a terrifically revamped new edition of Metroid Prime. And with the Resident Evil remake, Capcom proved once again that they are masters at bringing their survival classics into the modern age.

Another highlight from the Gamecube’s games library could also be released for the Nintendo Switch soon. If you believe the latest rumours, the futuristic racing game F-Zero GX is currently in development at Next Level Games (Mario Striker: Battle League, Luigi’s Mansion 3).

When the exclusive game was released in 2003, it received an excellent Meta score of 89 on Metacritic. F-Zero GX was one of the top rated games of the year and the continuation of the series will in fan circles longingly conjured up for years. It is not yet known whether the game (if the rumors are true) will appear in the eshop and in stores for around 40 euros, similar to Metroid Prime Remastered, or whether it will become part of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service.

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