Is this Norway’s ugliest gaming room?

One of the best feelings you can have as a gamer is the moment you start up your brand new machine. All the little annoyances, all the waiting, all the things that just didn’t work the way you wanted before, all the misery you just had to get used to, just… disappear.

Gone is the eternal loading time.
Never again the noise from the tired fan.
No need for janky workarounds.
Awake is the ghost of the image that was burned into the screen.

The silence from the one dead speaker is now filled with the lovely tones of your favorite game, which is now crisp and colorful like you’ve never seen it before — but always dreamed it could be.

And that list of new games that you wanted to try, but knew were too demanding for the old equipment — that list lies and tempts like never before.

This is the moment Komplett will now offer you and your friends and family.

Win a stylish gaming room

We now have a big competition to win a brand new set of gaming equipment. Desktop PC, monitor, mouse, keyboard, headset, floor mat and chair – everything! A full, dedicated gaming room! (maybe except for the room itself, then. We can’t build out your house).

This is how your gaming room can be!

The competition is simple. Participants must describe why you, or someone you know, deserves to win an upgraded room and equipment, provided by Komplett. Tell us who you are and whether the person you think should win. Send us pictures that evoke sympathy in our aching hearts. But don’t hang your buddy out (more than he already deserves).

Join the competition at »

So buckle up and tell us who you know deserves an upgrade?

  • Someone who might want to start gaming, but needs a proper start?
  • Is it the student who doesn’t have a dedicated gaming rig, or do they have an old machine that should have been upgraded long ago?
  • Is the PC on the dining table? Do they lie in bed with a dusty laptop?
  • Who always has such a bad microphone that it sounds like you’re playing on the bus? Is the webcam so stupid that they drown in the fog of pixels?
  • Does it feel like your mate is pinging from the moon and back because of a cheap router?
  • Why is it important to give them a tidy and nice place when they game?

The competition ends on Friday 30 September. The winner will be announced live on Complete his stream October 7.

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