Isabel Raad’s trial will be behind closed doors

Tine Norland, chief consultant in Sør-Rogaland District Court, tells TV 2 and Good evening Norway that the main hearing is behind closed doors.

“The reason why the plaintiffs decided to file a claim against the child welfare service was because in connection with Isabel’s book project they became aware of the extent to which the child welfare service had failed”, it says in the final post sent from Isabel Raad’s lawyer.

Clear wish

The council’s lawyer, Alexander Nyheim Jenssen, says it has been a clear wish to have the court behind closed doors.

– Both the municipality and we have requested that the case go behind closed doors, he says to Good evening Norway.

Carl Aasland Jerstad, who is the lawyer for Randaberg municipality, says the following:

– We have no comment on this other than that the parties both agree that the case should go behind closed doors.

In the video below you can hear more about how Raad describes the experience with child welfare:


Isabel Raad herself has written the following about the trial on Instagram:

‘I’m taking up the fight for little Shirog. It has always been important to me, but also some of the scariest I can think of. It’s scary to start digging into insanely deep wounds and memories that I’ve worked so hard all these years to displace. “

Shirog was Isabel Raad’s former first name. It was also “Shirog” which was the name of the book about Raad’s life, which among other things was about her life in the child welfare service in Randaberg municipality.

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