Islamic Solidarity Games 2022: Algeria sets goals

After unveiling the list of the Algerian U23 selection for the next Islamic Solidity Games, the Algerian coach, Noureddine Ould Ali, announces the objectives of the Greens for the event in the Turkish city of Konya.

Indeed, in a statement to the microphones of the Algerian press, the coach of the Algerian team of players under 23, Nourddine Ould Ali, spoke about the goals set for this event, “we have wanted to remind our young players of the importance of delivering a good performance during these Games. he said at first.

Continuing his statements, the Algerian coach, Ould Ali, returned to the preparations of his team, “we are aware of the stakes of this competition. The Sidi-Moussa stadium has allowed us to refine certain aspects of our game,” he adds.

Finishing his intervention at the microphones of the national press before his departure with his protégés for the city of Konya to play the final phase of the football tournament on behalf of the 5th edition of the Islamic Solidarity Games, Ould Ali said, “ we hope that this participation will be beneficial for us and for all the young players of the Algerian U23 team. he concludes.

As a reminder, the Algerian U23 team will make up group A of the Islamic Solidarity Games football competition along with the host country, Turkey, Senegal and Cameroon.

The other group of the tournament, Group B, brings together Morocco, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan. The event will be played from 09 to 18 August.

the group of Algeria for the football tournament of the Islamic Solidarity Games Konya 2022

The medals in the sights of Algerian athletes

As the start of sports competitions on behalf of the Islamic Solidarity Games organized in Turkey approaches, the president of the Algerian Athletics Federation, Yacile Louail, spoke about the objectives of the Algerian delegation for this event.

Thus, Louail declared, “the Islamic Solidarity Games will allow our athletes to measure themselves against other athletes of a higher level. he told the Algerian press.

Yacine Louail made a point of pointing out the absence of certain Algerian athletes for the Konya Games, “unfortunately, due to injury, we will be deprived of many athletes during this event, the athlete Mohamed Taher Triki, will not not one of the athletes participating in this competition. he explains.

Nevertheless, the president of the Algerian Athletics Federation, Yacine Louail, was optimistic about the progress of the Islamic Solidarity Games competitions and said, “We have set a threshold of 10 medals for this event. I hope we will achieve this goal. he finally said.

Algeria will participate in the Islamic Solidarity Games with 147 athletes, 111 boys and 36 girls in 12 distinct disciplines.

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