Israel and Palestinians meet in Egypt to lower tensions

Israel and Palestinians meet in Egypt to lower tensions

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.- A Palestinian gunman opened fire at an Israeli vehicle in the West Bank on Sunday, wounding two people, Israeli officials said. The attack cast a shadow over Egyptian-brokered efforts to de-escalate tensions.

The shooting occurred as Israeli and Palestinian officials met in the city of Sharm el-Sheikh on Sunday.

The meeting was the second attempt by the parties, led by regional allies Egypt and Jordan as well as the United States, to end a year of violence that has killed more than 200 Palestinians by Israeli fire and more than 40 Israelis or foreigners killed in Palestinian attacks.

Pledges to de-escalate made at the previous meeting in Jordan late last month were quickly derailed when a new outbreak of violence broke out the same day. A Palestinian shot dead two Israelis in the West Bank, and in response, Jewish settlers razed Hawara, a Palestinian town, destroying property and killing a Palestinian.

The shooting on Sunday also occurred in Hawara. Israeli medics said a car was hit by gunfire, seriously wounding an Israeli man and lightly wounding his wife. The Israeli army said a suspected Palestinian gunman was shot, though his condition was not immediately known.

Ahmed Abu Zaid, a spokesman for Egypt’s Foreign Ministry, said Sunday’s meeting would be attended by “high-level political and security officials” from each side, as well as from Egypt, Jordan and the United States. He wrote on Twitter that the talks are part of efforts to achieve and support calm between Israel and the Palestinians.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not mention the summit in his weekly cabinet meeting.

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