It could be my last march, says AMLO

Antonio Baranda and Claudia Guerrero/Agencia Reforma

Wednesday, November 23, 2022 | 09:52

Manzanillo, Hill.- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the march next Sunday, November 27, which will go from the Angel of Independence to the Zócalo, could be the last one he leads.

“It may be the last, although I cannot say, it has been categorically the last, because we do not know what fate has in store for us, we remain, that should not be forgotten, the opponents of conservatism have not been able to defeat us They have not been able to because we have the support of the people,” he said.

– Will a million and a half people go?, he was asked.

“No, no, no, that is not known, that is never known, it is that it is voluntary, people decide whether or not to go, it is not ‘you have to go, I’m going to call you,'” he replied.

– But you already have the logistics for you to move forward, don’t you think it’s difficult?

“No, we are going to organize ourselves well, tomorrow we are going to talk about it. We are going to find a way to make it by state, they are going to reach migrant brothers, who are very happy, very happy and they come, so we have to find the way of doing it by state, by contingent and if not, as you say, we won’t be able to walk”.

– Why aren’t they going to put up fences to be able to advance, or are they?

“Yes, it will not be possible to move forward, so we are going to organize ourselves, we needed a movement, that is, Claudio is really a good promoter hehehe hehe hehe, because we were already getting ‘hamburgered’ and we were getting ‘hamburgered’.

“And we come from the struggle of many years ago, we have been in the Zócalo (…) we have been 50 to 100 times, we have slept there hehehe hehe, we have lived there.”

‘They stole a lot of wallets’

López Obrador mocked the November 13 march against the electoral reform initiative and in defense of the National Electoral Institute (INE) by assuring that there was a lot of pickpocketing.

“Because what moral authority do they have, what political authority, make a list of the main attendees of the march, or parade, or whatever they call it, I mean what our opponents did, where they live and who they were, most of them live in areas residential. The report they gave me that day is that there was a lot of theft of purses, don’t get angry,” he ironized.

The federal president pointed out that José Narro, former Rector of the UNAM and who called the opposition march, coined the term “ninis” to refer to young people who neither study nor work.

“There they all go hand in hand, Fox, Elba Esther, Woldenberg (…) Suddenly they become opponents, the truth is a sign of pride to have those opponents,” he said.

The Tabasqueño endorsed that he does not want the march that he will lead this Sunday the 27th to come carried.

“We don’t want anyone to go by force, everyone by their will, and the people are happy in fact there is no way to move, there would be no trucks for so many people who want to go, who want to attend, because we have the support, I apologize for saying it because power is humility”.

For weeks prior to the mobilization, López Obrador discredited and attacked those who are against his electoral reform project. On the contrary, the detractors accuse that the initiative sent to the Chamber of Deputies is for the ruling party to take control of the INE.

One day after the mobilization in more than 50 cities, López Obrador described the protest as a “conservatism striptease” in which not many people participated, and maintained that the defense of the INE was an excuse, since everything is done to maintain privileges and corruption.

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