“It is a coup by the ruling party to remove its political opponents 15 days before the elections”: Daniel Quintero once again refers to his suspension

Mayor Daniel Quintero has spoken out on his social networks after being suspended by the Attorney General's Office.  Photo: Colprensa
Mayor Daniel Quintero has spoken out on his social networks after being suspended by the Attorney General’s Office. Photo: Colprensa

Last Tuesday, May 10, the Attorney General’s Office made the decision to provisionally suspend the mayor of Ibagué, Andrés Fabián Hurtado, and that of Medellín, Daniel Quintero for “alleged and repeated intervention in political activities and controversies.” This decision generated a huge controversy in which several political fronts have expressed themselves in favor and others against the decision made by the attorney Margarita Cabello.

Daniel Quintero has used his social networks to protest against the decision made by the Attorney General. In them, he has shared videos, images and messages of support from some politicians and citizens, as well as showing the massive support he has received from his work team, some political sectors and different unions.

He has also left some personal messages in which he maintains his position by assure that what happened was a coup carried out by the current National Governmentl, in order to destabilize some political opponents in the face of the presidential elections that will take place in Colombia next Sunday, May 29.

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In his most recent Twitter message, the local president used the hashtag that has been a trend in recent hours, “#LoDeQuinteroEs” to re-send a message against the National Government. The trill that was published in the morning hours of this Saturday, May 14, has more than 3,300 likes, more than 1,000 retweets and nearly 400 comments.

“#LoDeQuintero is a coup by the ruling party against democracy to remove their political opponents to 15 days of electionss”assured Daniel Quintero on his Twitter account.

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The congresswoman of the Democratic Center Maria Fernanda Cabal too He has spoken on several occasions on his Twitter account about what happened with Mayor Daniel Quintero and welcomed the decision made by the Attorney General’s Office to suspend the mayor of Medellín for alleged political participation.

“Quintero thought to pass the law through the belt as his candidate, who does everything and nothing happens to him. They play at being God and seems repression to them when they are awakened from their sick narcissism”, María Fernanda Cabal stated on her Twitter account after learning of the Attorney General’s decision.

The Democratic Center senator also criticized those who try to defend Daniel Quintero after being suspended. A video in which the mayor of Medellín is in a car driving and says: “Change is first” It was the one that ended up being the cause for the attorney Margarita Cabello to suspend him.

“These defenders of Quintero are as sad as himself. Now they say that the video where he says that “the change is in first gear” was because he was learning to drive. How heavy are these people!” María Fernanda Cabal affirmed in a trill, accompanied by what would be Quintero’s defense to justify why he mentioned those words.

“When I saw the video, this subscriber believed that the mayor was learning to drive, suddenly I thought he was in a booth on our subway, the attorney general’s office, words more, less, said it was a clear and unequivocal involvement in politicspoints to the text in the image that was published by the senator.


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