It is a reality: Brayan Cortés is the goalkeeper of the present and appears as a starter in Eduardo Berizzo’s Chilean National Team

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The absence of Claudio Bravo opens a giant door for the Colo Colo goalkeeper who is highly regarded by Toto Berizzo.

Brayan Cortés adds bonuses to be a starter in the Chilean National Team
© ANFP CommunicationsBrayan Cortés adds bonuses to be a starter in the Chilean National Team

Since he arrived in Colo Colo at the beginning of 2018, Brayan Cortés was cataloged as the goalkeeper of the future. After a year on the substitute bench, finally, he became the starter with Mario Salas who left Agustín Orión as second goalkeeper.

As the months went by, Cortés began to pick up the pace and take over the alba shelf. With difficult moments at the beginning, the native of Iquique knew how to reverse the criticism and today he is undisputed in the team that for Gustavo Quinteros date after date in the National Championship.

The performance was rewarded with his nomination for the Chilean National Team. Cacique’s caretaker has known how to be in difficult moments and adds important presentations with La Roja at times when Claudio Bravo could not be. Thus, at the point of good performances, he has delighted the new coaching staff of La Roja, who sees him as a permanent fixture in the new process of Eduardo Berizzo.

Bravo’s absence only feeds that idea. On some occasions, the Real Betis goalkeeper has expressed his distance from Toto, despite the fact that he wants to continue being part of the Everyone’s Team. Nevertheless, The native of Viluco was not considered for this tour of Europe and Chile will have Cortés, Cristóbal Campos and Gabriel Arias on the porch.

And while the non-nomination of former Barcelona and Manchester City may be due to the fact that the coach wants to see new faces, it is a reality that Indio is one of the best considered by the technical staff. In fact, he is one of the reinforcements of the Chilean U23 National Team that is preparing for the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games.

This being the case, only time will tell what happens with the Chilean goal. The truth is that Brayan Cortés stopped being the goalkeeper of the future and became, finally, the goalkeeper of the present and fights inch by inch for the starting gloves with Claudio Bravo himself.

The Chilean National Team will have two friendly matches on this FIFA date. The first, this September 23 against Morocco in Barcelona and the second, on the 27th of this month against Qatar in Vienna.

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