“It is important that Andreas is satisfied with me”: “Goodbye Germany” star Caro Robens justifies beauty ops

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At “Goodbye Germany” Caro and Andreas Robens are real crowd pleasers. But Caro also causes a stir with her muscles, tattoos and cosmetic surgeries. She defends herself resolutely against hostilities.

Mallorca – “Goodbye Germany” has been accompanying Caro (43) and Andreas Robens (55) through the exciting everyday life in their second home Mallorca for seven years. With a relaxed and funny manner, the two have long since become the big audience favorites of the cult VOX format. Despite all the fan support, the sporty duo also has to endure nasty hostilities, because Caro’s striking appearance with the many muscles and tattoos often divides opinions.

“Rebound completely on me”: “Goodbye Germany” star Caro Robens defends himself against hate comments

Caro Robens, who is sometimes stared at by grannies on the street, is by no means inconspicuous and when she strolls down the busy streets of her sunny island home with her husband Andreas, whom she married twice in 2010 and 2020, you recognize them immediately. She is very muscular – after all she runs several gyms with her husband – she often wears a hairstyle with the sides of her head shaved off and is covered top to bottom in intricately designed tattoos. She makes no secret of the fact that she has already undergone one or the other cosmetic procedure and shares her transformation openly on social media – which does not always bring only cheers.

The “Goodbye Germany” stars Caro and Andreas Robens have been married since 2010. Since then, Caro has changed a lot and has undergone some cosmetic surgeries. Despite many hate comments, she is convinced of her look. © Screenshot/Instagram/caroline_andreas_robens (photomontage)

Most of her fans celebrate her self-confident and distinctive appearance, the others insult her and write hatefully that she looks like a man. Many would certainly take such bad voices to heart – but Caro Robens is over it: “The negative comments from the haters or fans – whatever – now completely bounce off me,” she tells the mallorca newspaper, “It never really bothered me.” As she makes clear, only one opinion counts for her – her sweetheart: “It is important to me that I am satisfied with myself and that Andreas is satisfied with me. If you don’t like it, you should just look the other way.”

How it all began: The history of cosmetic surgery

Whether it’s a facelift, botox, or a new set of sparkling white teeth, almost anything is possible in the world of plastic surgery today. In fact, the history of cosmetic procedures dates back to 1200 BC. where nose reconstructions were made with skin from the forehead in India. In 1450, this rudimentary method finally made its way to Sicily, where it was refined by the doctor Antonio Branca – and, despite dissenting opinions from the Church, formed the basis for many of today’s treatments. In Germany, the first of these interventions took place in 1818, which, with further milestones such as the invention of the silicone implant in 1962, laid the foundation for a medical sector that is booming today.

(Source: dgpraec.de)

“Because I’m different”: “Goodbye Germany” star Caro Robens speaks openly about her daring look

It can hardly be avoided that a special look like that of Caro Robens does not go down equally well with everyone – after all, cosmetic procedures and tattoos are still frowned upon in the eyes of many. But Caro Robens doesn’t seem to mind standing out from the crowd: “I polarize because I’m different,” she says in an interview with Majorca newspaper, “Whether it’s the sidecut. Whether it’s the many tattoos or muscles, a little more muscles than other women. Whether it’s my sometimes more daring, somewhat more unusual style of clothing. “

Some like to wear suits and side-part their hair, emigrant legend Caro just likes it colorful and extravagant and always a bit more exotic than the general public. Her change is far from complete, because she would like to have more muscles and also wants to put herself under the needle for one or the other new tattoo: “It always comes spontaneously,” she looks forward to her cosmetic future. While many celebrities keep their treatments a secret, “Goodbye Germany” veteran Caro Robens openly lists her cosmetic surgeries. Sources used: mallorcazeitung.es, dgpraec.de

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