“It is only up to us to continue up”

Joan Cruz faced the microphones at the Monumental Stadium after Colo Colo’s 1-0 defeat against Ñublense at the Pedrero venue, a match where the home team saw action for a few minutes when entering the 82nd minute by Pablo Solari.

The attacker claimed around the game that “It was a tough defeat that was not in our plans. We went out to look for the match and it was not given to us. He did not want to enter the ball and we paid dearly with a header that fell like a bucket of cold water. After they got in the back and we couldn’t get it out. “

“I think they come to play their game, but we are going to try to correct that. It happened to us with Cobresal and now with Ñublense. We will try to correct our game. Hopefully it won’t happen to us again ”, added.

Regarding the casualties that there are for Sunday against Palestino, the youth squad declared that “We have three players per position, we are all ready. The one who touches him will do it in the best way. We want to get the three points against Palestino and continue at the top of the table ”.

“It was a tough defeat, we didn’t expect it. We are already thinking about the next game. It only depends on us to be up and get the title at the end of the tournament ”, opined.

The Cacique must return to the triumphs to continue as leader of the tournament. | Photo: UNO Agency.

Finally, he stressed the need to begin to become strong as a local in the Monumental: “These last games at the Monumental have been difficult, it has cost us because of our mistakes. We are working to bring joy to our fans and get only victories from now on ”.

The Cacique’s next match against Palestino this Sunday, October 3 from 3:30 p.m. in La Cisterna, in a duel valid for the 23rd date of the tournament.

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