– It is probably the largest ovarian cyst I have removed

– Most people who come with such large cysts may get a surprise, says gynecologist Jenny Alvirovic to TV 2.

She works at the Women’s Clinic at Oslo University Hospital, which recently posted a picture of her on her Instagram profile, where she holds an unusually large ovarian cyst that had just been operated on.

– It is big. I have seen similar, but this is probably the largest I have removed in weight, she says.

The cyst weighed 15.6 kilos and was over 30 centimeters wide in diameter.

– A relief

Norwegian Health Informatics writes that ovarian cysts occur as a result of ovulation, and that approximately ten percent of all menstruating women between the ages of 45 and 50 have one or more cysts on their ovaries.

Alvirovic says that the cysts can cause symptoms if they become four to five centimeters in size, for example in the form of “pressure or discomfort during physical activity and intercourse”.

One can also detect them through an internal ultrasound. In women under the age of 50, they are usually allowed to go away on their own. However, they are removed if they grow up to eight centimeters in size, or if they have an appearance that may indicate cancer.

She emphasizes that it is rare for them to grow to 15.6 kilos, but that at the university hospital they see around 3-5 cases of cysts of similar size each year.

Baby born with two mouths

– This is huge, so it is a relief both for us and for the patient to have it removed. It is literally a burden to carry and of course also associated with worry.

Ovarian cyst surgery takes about an hour, says the gynecologist.


She says that the cysts grow relatively slowly, and that it can thus take some time before you notice them.

– This is very rare, so I do not think you should be afraid of or know if you have something similar, says Alvirovic.

She also says that the ovarian cyst of 15.6 kilos may have grown for a long time, possibly for several years, before it was removed.

– Why was it not discovered earlier?

– It can unfortunately happen that such an ovarian cyst can grow larger than what was thought possible, without it being detected, the gynecologist answers.

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