It lies in the Memorial Chapel – What is written on the Queen’s tomb slab

It is in the small memorial chapel |

What is written on the Queen’s tomb slab

She is forever united with her great love.

Died on September 8th Queen Elizabeth at the age of 96, a terrible day for Britain. Eleven days later, the world bowed to her one last time at the grand state funeral.

Finally, on Monday evening, the Queen was buried with close family circles in a side chapel of St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

Her coffin, which had previously been lowered into the royal crypt in front of the TV audience, was reburied for it – together with her beloved husband Prince Philip († 99). His remains had been kept in the vault since his death in April 2021.

The Queen and Philip are buried in the small memorial chapel of George VI, also in Saint George’s Chapel. It was named after the Queen’s father. Both he and the Queen’s mother and sister were buried there – a family plot that is now complete.

THE moment in the video Queen is lowered into crypt

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Noisy “Daily Mail” the final resting place will now be provided with a revised tomb plate. This should be kept very simple. What exactly does it read?

The names of the late monarch, her husband and parents, and the dates of birth and death of each person are written in gold letters on black Belgian marble. That’s what Buckingham Palace announced.

So, read from top to bottom, the marble slab reads: “George VI. 1895-1952′, the Queen’s father, ‘Elizabeth 1900-2002’, her mother, ‘Elizabeth II 1926-2022’ and ‘Philip 1921-2021’.

The previous black marble stone in the floor, on which only the names of the parents – George VI. and Elizabeth (often called “Queen Mum”) – are added.

The comparatively simple grave slab no longer looks like this.  The space on the stone was reserved for the Queen and her Philip

This is what the comparatively simple grave slab looked like so far. The space on the stone below has been reserved for the Queen and her Philip, who are now being added to

Photo: ddp images/CAMERA PRESS/ROTA

The British media, who refer to the palace, also say: A metal “Garter Star” is worked into the grave plate between the Queen’s parents and her and Prince Philip.

It is the insignia of the Order of the Garter, the oldest and noblest chivalric order in the country. All four family members were members of this order, founded in 1348 by Edward III. Founded.

And royal fans can be happy: from September 29, the royal chapel can be visited as part of a tour of Windsor Castle.

Admission for adults costs 28 pounds (32 euros), children just under half.

Proceeds will not be retained by the Royal Family but will benefit the Royal Collection. It is one of the largest and most important art collections in the world as it is one of the last intact European royal collections.

However: You cannot get up close to the Queen’s private family grave in the side chapel, it is hidden from the public.

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