It snows in Monclova and the mountains of Coahuila

It snows in Monclova and the mountains of Coahuila

Rolando Chacón/ Reform Agency

Sunday, March 19, 2023 | 13:32

Monclova, Mexico.- Two days before the beginning of spring, the tenth winter storm and cold front 41 left a surprise snowfall on the city of Monclova.

Snowfall was also recorded in the Sierra de Múzquiz and light snowfall in the Sierra de Arteaga.

In Monclova, where temperatures close to 40 degrees had been recorded less than a week ago, this Sunday morning the temperature was close to zero degrees, with snow falling, which accumulated about 7 centimeters.

While for some citizens the snow was a spectacle, for the municipal authority it represented a challenge, since the snow increased the risk of road accidents, mainly on the bridges over Harold R. Pape Boulevard, which were closed to traffic.

In addition, of dozens of citizens who posted photos of the snowfall on social networks, the Acereros de Monclova baseball team also posted photos of the playing field in the snow-covered park.

“Crazy February, a little March, that’s how the largest oven in Mexico woke up,” they published in relation to the baseball park.

Since Saturday night, snowfall was reported in the mountainous area of ​​Múzquiz, in the north of the state, and light snowfall in San Antonio de las Alazanas, in the Sierra de Arteaga.

State Civil Protection reported that the possibility of icy weather and possible snowfall in the high areas of the State is expected for the next few hours.

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