It spends 23 thousand $ per comprare tutti i giochi 3DS e WiiU: missione di salvataggio riuscita!

It spends 23 thousand $ per comprare tutti i giochi 3DS e WiiU: missione di salvataggio riuscita!

A few days after the final release of the Nintendo eShop on WiiU and 3DS, a youtuber has decided to imbarcarsi in an expensive mission of preservation: I will buy all the toys in my due store to avoid losing them forever.

Jirard “The Completionist” Khalil, whose nickname is all a program, spawned from the prospect of non-power that will be freely acquired by all those software that have not passed the history of the Nintendo console, has decided to tag the bull’s head and say comprarli tutti, ma proprio tutti. The mission of salvataggio is concluded with success, but it has received a very high price, if in term of money, 22,791 dollars per precisionyes in termini di tempo, from the moment that during the print there were sorts of numerous problems that have not caused a lot of peace for essere risolti.

“I half lost and the preservation of the games are very real problems, we run the risk of losing the video games forever the end of when the industry has started, but if it deals with an important question… it cost a lot of time and end troppi soldi, ma It is not absolutely worth it for the good of the preservation of video gameshas stated The Completionist.

The youtuber has raccolto tutti questi soldi thanks to the support of his sponsor, riuscendo quindi a comprare e scaricare 866 giochi Wii U and 1547 giochi 3DS (DSiWare compression, Virtual Console and eventual DLC) with the help of 464 eShop Card. The entire Wii U library weighs 1.2TBwhile the 3DS appeared for a total of days 267GB. Sono stati molti, dicevamo, i problemi sorti durante l’impresa: alcuni negozi, ad esampio, limitavano gli acquisti di eShop Card, while Nintendo put a limit to the quantity of fondi carcabili its a single portfolio. Diversi giochi, invece, richiedevano di essere completati prima di consentire l’acquisto dei DLC. At a certain point, the memory of the 3DS does also recur because of the high number of icons of games.

In sum, it is not easy: the entire process is documented in the video-documentary made by The Completionist, che abbiamo allegato comfortably above this news. The youtuber, dopo quest’impresa, He has donated his console and archiving device to the Video Game History Foundationche si occuper√† dunque di preservere the due bookstore in the loro interezza per sempre.

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