It was 16 years since the disappearance of López

human rights groups mobilized to plaza moreno/web

Human rights organizations mobilized yesterday in downtown La Plata, on the 16th anniversary of the second disappearance of Julio López, a witness in the trial against the repressor Miguel Etchecolatz.

The march, which had its epicenter in front of the Municipality, was called by organizations of the Region and sectors of the left. Among them is the New More, whose referent, Eric Simonetti, questioned that justice “has stopped investigating” the case, “in the framework of a scandalous pact of silence of the governments” that have taken place since 2006, the year of the disappearance, until now.

On the other hand, the Secretary of Human Rights of the Nation expressed himself about the commemoration through Twitter, highlighting that the testimonies of the disappeared “were fundamental” to reconstruct where the clandestine detention centers in La Plata worked.

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