It was a stifling Friday, but the heat wave continues

La Plata closes the hottest day of the extreme heat wave week, in which the maximum temperature record was broken and a wind chill of more than 46ºC was reached. But the forecast indicates that the region will continue to be punished for one more day with high figures.

The part issued this Friday by the Directorate and Hydrometeorology of the Municipality of La Plata indicates that “on Saturday, extreme temperatures with Orange Risk Attention Level (NAR) will continue.

While only on Sunday there will be increasing cloudiness and a drop in temperature with storms and isolated precipitation, which will continue on Monday.

But on Saturday, far from lowering the intensity, the heat will continue at abnormal levels for the city with a maximum temperature expected at 39ºC.

The heat wave that has been punishing La Plata throughout the week reached this Friday its highest historical level for at least 60 years when measuring, at 5:20 p.m. in Los Hornos, with a temperature of 41ºC.

As reported from the Hydrometeorology Directorate of the Municipality of La Plata It is a record temperature because it exceeded 2.4ºC to the previous maximum of 38.6ºC registered on Tuesday of this same week.

The reference has a measurement period of about 60 years (1961-2021) since the record began to exist at the La Plata Airport Meteorological Station. As already reported, Tuesday’s value was 0.2°C higher than the previous record: 38.4°C, which had been recorded on January 10, 2012. Since such a methodical record did not exist before, it is difficult to determine when such a high temperature was recorded in the capital of Buenos Aires.

While after 5 p.m. this Friday the radars of the Commune marked a temperature that touched 41 ° C, while the wind chill reached 46 ° C. Faced with this situation, the authorities maintain the level of attention to risk “Orange” up to and including Saturday.

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