“It was completely zero”: the astonishing aborted project of Clara Luciani

Clara Luciani has been a hit in music for several years and she does not intend to curb her inspirations. Recently, she almost released a book; a project she eventually dropped. Explanations.

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Clara Luciani is back in music (or almost) with the reissue of her latest album heart again, scheduled for November 25. Proud of her success with her second album Heart, the singer has decided to surprise her fans by covering four new covers. Among these titles, there is a French adaptation of an ABBA hit and the famous title by Donna Summer, I Feel Loverenamed to It’s love. For the occasion, the artist was invited on the set of Daily on TMC and she mentioned an aborted project.

Clara Luciani’s flop

“Who read your lockdown diary?”launched Yann Barthès, facing the knowing smile of Clara Luciani. I asked myself the question of releasing this thing, because I was writing every day during confinement. It almost came out, until I realized that it’s completely rubbish and that it wouldn’t interest anyone”confessed the singer: “It said: ‘hello, I got up, I drank a coffee all that. I made a banana bread like all the French’. I said to myself: ‘well, there is little chance that this will be uninteresting“.

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A growing success

“However, I would love to write a book soon”, admitted Clara Luciani. The singer could therefore surprise us in a few months. On November 20, she already surprised all her fans by appearing with the same outfit that Amir had used during the NRJ Music Awards, the night before. A coincidence that particularly made Internet users laugh, who multiplied the jokes. A derision that does not affect the success of Clara Luciani, who has multiplied hits since the start of her solo career – fans already knew her as a singer in the French rock group La Femme. His first title The grenade has been a real success in totaling more than 100 million plays on the platforms. A great success.

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