It worked? YouTuber wrecks car to test Apple iPhone 14 collision detection

The resource that detects accidents was one of the highlights during the announcement of the line iPhone 14. THE apple promises that the new cell phone identifies traffic collisions, for example, and issues an emergency alert to local authorities.

Naturally, it’s a tool that no one wants to need one day, but one YouTuber was curious to know if the system actually works. To carry out the test, obviously, it is necessary to cause an accident, and the creator has spared no efforts for this.

The content producer took a real car, but remotely controlled, and caused several collisions to test iPhone 14 collision detection. The creators emphasize that the video “was filmed in a safe and controlled environment”.

It wasn’t detailed how the entire video was prepared, but a regular car was equipped with a mechanism that allows the car to be driven remotely, and YouTubers strapped an iPhone 14 to the driver’s seat.

20 Sep

apple lan

20 Sep

But did it work? As expected, the feature kicked in, but it took a few moments to run. Obviously, the creators did not test the function to the end in order not to inform the authorities of a false accident.

The iPhone 14 Pro used in the tests came out completely unscathed. The same cannot be said for the car used for accidents.

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The Apple iPhone 14 is not yet available in Brazilian stores. To be notified when it arrives.

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