It would be historic: ANFP confirms the Monumental Stadium as a possible venue for the 2030 FIFA World Cup

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Pablo Milad, president of the ANFP, located the Colo Colo house next to the National Stadium and the Ester Roa de Concepción as possible venues for the candidacy of Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay to the 2030 World Cup.

Will the Monumental receive the 2030 World Cup?
© ONE Agency.Will the Monumental receive the 2030 World Cup?

South America is already in campaign for organize the 2030 FIFA World Cup, bringing together Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay to receive an unprecedented planetary appointment between these four countries on the occasion of the centenary of the contest.

Pablo Milad, president of the ANFP, is hopeful that our country is part of the celebration of the 100 years of the most important soccer tournament in the world and already accounts for what could be the possible venues in our country.

In a dialogue with Emisora ​​Del Molino 89.3 FM, the Chilean soccer helmsman stated that the David Arellano Monumental Stadium in Colo Colo is among the possible venues that our country could offer to host some matches of the World Cup event.

“We have three stadiums that can host: Monumental, National and Conception. Maybe it can be up to 4 depending on the games. We have the organization and experience of organizing championships. When you organize a World Cup, you also commit the State, which must make its contribution to make the infrastructure grow,” said Milad.

In this sense, the president of the ANFP maintained that “the expectations are to consolidate this application, create the operating structure, there is a lot to do with the organization regarding the venues and then the lobby work with each of the corresponding federations”.

“The basis of the decision is the 100 years, from there it starts, in addition to the importance of South America in the World Cups. We want this start to be celebrated here, it was here where everything started at the championship level. it has to be a party”, he added.

In closing, he concluded that “we must go out with great force to promote this celebration, which is historic, and which also represents the history of FIFA. We are going to have a lot of support from the confederations, I hope they realize that they cannot compete against 100 years of history”.

The Monumental Stadium currently has a capacity of 47,347 spectators, which in number is within the average to host a World Cup. However, before starting to dream, the remodeling in all aspects must materialize. Will it happen?

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