Italian cosplayer surprises with her incredible Lightning cosplay from Final Fantasy XIII

Over the years, the Final Fantasy series remains the most important for the JRPG genre, but two generations ago a very controversial installment arrived with final fantasy xiii. You can say a lot about FF13 but it has very memorable characters and that inspired tapyoo to make a cosplay of Lightning.

Lightning Farron is the protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII and since before its release it was said that she was a female version of Cloud Striffe for Square Enix, although she did not reach the popularity of the protagonist of FF7. Still, Lighting was distinguished by her great design brought to life by Tapyoo’s cosplays.

Tapyoo did a great cosplay of Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII.

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Tapyoo’s real name is Valeria and the Italian cosplayer has become a fictional character for just over a year, as her first cosplay photos were published in September 2021. However, it didn’t take long for Valeria to show her first Lightning cosplay from Final Fantasy XIII.

Tapyoo’s first Lightning cosplays were inspired by the third installment of the trilogy, called Lightning Returns: FFXIII. However, in May of this year, the Italian showed a Lightning cosplay based on his first appearance, with the outfit she wears in Final Fantasy XIII.

Although Lightning’s design in the sequel doesn’t look bad, the truth is that her original design looks much better, especially in the photographs Florence took. In the latest Lightning cosplay photos that Valeria has published, she has tried to recreate the art of Final Fantasy XIII, so I invite you to check them out on her social networks.

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