Italy: a Nigerian was beaten to death in the middle of the street and nobody intervened

Italian society is shocked by the images that have gone viral in the last few hours and show how the murder of Alika Ogorchukwu occurred.

Everything happened on Friday afternoon on the busy Umberto I street and the tragic moment was captured by a person who witnessed the event, along with others.

This situation generated great repudiation in social networks after the images went viral, since none of those present interceded to help the victim.

Ogorchukwu was 39 years old, married, and had an 8-year-old son. He was originally from Nigeria and was attacked by Filippo Claudio Ferlazzo, a 32-year-old Italian citizen.

According to the local press, Ferlazzo began to attack him because, according to his own account, Ogorchukwu was “insistently” begging for alms and because of an alleged comment he had made about his girlfriend.

This led to a fight where the assailant hit him with the same crutch as the victim until he was thrown to the ground and crushed to death.

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