Italy: Argentinian tourist died after being swept away by a wave while taking a selfie

Wednesday November 23, 2022 | 2:37 p.m.

This Wednesday, an Argentine tourist died after being hit and dragged by a wave on the Amalfi Coast, Italy, while taking photos. Her husband was also swept away by the water but managed to save himself.

As reported by the local Coast Guard, the woman was trying to take pictures of the sea in the middle of a storm when she was hit by the waves. At that time, she was with her partner, who also fell into the water, but was saved and was taken in shock to the Castiglione di Ravello hospital to check his health.

Both were visiting this area of ​​Naples, one of the most desirable and exclusive tourist spots in Italy, and had decided to spend the day in the fjord in the municipality of Furore.

Despite the storm, the couple decided to go to the sea to apparently take some photos. It was in this context that the tragedy occurred.

The first to notice the situation and help was a neighbor in the area, who threw a rope that ended up in the water: the husband managed to grab hold of it and the rocks, while the woman was unfortunately carried away by the water.

Minutes later, Coast Guard personnel found the body of the tourist floating near the shore.

The Amalfi Coast affected by the storm

Following the violent storm that hit Campania yesterday, strong storm surges hit the coastal strip from Vietri sul Mare to Positano today, Italian media La Reppublica reported.

The most affected municipality was Maiori, with waves that extended to the edge of the Amalfi highway 163. The boardwalk has been covered in sand and debris. The sand of the tourist port and the underlying facilities were flooded.

In Minori, the sea swallowed the pier, lifting the iron gates and carrying a large amount of logs and debris of all kinds onto the beach and the promenade: the mayor ordered the promenade closed and the entire area cordoned off. The alert is still high.

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