Italy: the last political spring of Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi, leader of Forza Italia, participates with voluntarism and enthusiasm in the electoral campaign.

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SIlvio Berlusconi is back. After contributing to the premature end of the government of national unity led by Mario Draghi, the leader of the conservative liberal party Forza Italia (FI), has begun to savor a kind of new political spring. At 85, like a phoenix continually rising from its ashes, he has carved out a tailor-made role for himself as a director but also as a protagonist actor. His face, so familiar to all Italians, from north to south of the country, has thus become one of the main symbols of this singular and frantic electoral campaign which will culminate in the early ballot on 25th September next. For weeks, the posters of FI, where the radiant smile of the Cavaliere inevitably reigns, line the walls of the main Italian cities, while the anthem of the party plays in a loop in certain stations, in particular in Lombardy. An omnipresence which pushes the voters of the Peninsula to dive into the past.

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