"It’s a certainty": for Robert Badinter, Vladimir Putin is a war criminal

The former Minister of Justice, exceptional guest of BFMTV, denounced the behavior of the Russian president as Ukraine has just entered its tenth month of war.

He denounces an “unjustifiable” war. Former Minister of Justice Robert Badinter, who leaves The Bousquet trial to Fayard editions estimated that to qualify Vladimir Putin as a war criminal for the conflict which is taking place in Ukraine is “a certainty”.

“You have the complete collection of major responsibilities in terms of crimes of aggression and crimes against humanity,” said the former Keeper of the Seals on our antenna.

Robert Badinter also deplored what has been going on in eastern Europe since February 24: “war is death, it is destruction, it is ruin”. A situation for which he cannot find an explanation.

“He is carried away by the desire of so many megalomaniac dictators”

“No one is better placed than the Russian people, who suffered so much during the Second World War, to know the horrors of war”, continued the former minister, recalling that Vladimir Putin “was born in Leningrad (Saint- Petersburg today, Editor’s note)”, a martyr city of the Second World War.

“He (Vladimir Putin, editor’s note) is carried away by the desire of so many megalomaniac dictators to give back to his country a luster that he believes he has lost”, estimated Robert Badinter on BFMTV.

The jurist who became known for having abolished the death penalty in France was finally asked about the possibility of trying the master of the Kremlin, still in power and anxious to keep it. “History teaches us that it is after their fall that those responsible for crimes against humanity, on the condition that they are arrested, can be judged. Not when they are in power”, concluded Robert Badinter.

Hugues Garnier BFMTV journalist

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