"It’s a possibility": Sacha Houlié anticipates a 49.3 to pass the pension reform

The deputy Renaissance de la Vienne believes that the government will not be able to pass a specific text on pension reform and will have to use article 49.3 of the Constitution on a new bill for the amending financing of Social Security.

“I am anything but naive.” Sacha Houlié, Renaissance deputy and chairman of the law commission at the National Assembly, does not think that the government will have the pension reform adopted by passing a specific text in Parliament. On the set of Public Senate, the elected representative of Vienne “does not see how the government will do otherwise than a bill for the amending financing of Social Security.”

“With a possibility of 49.3. Everyone will be faced with their responsibilities”, anticipates Sacha Houlié, who highlights “the difficulty of passing a text on pensions.”

Because Renaissance, the presidential party, does not have an absolute majority with its allies of the MoDem and Horizons. Impossible, without evolution on the side of the oppositions, to pass such a divisive text.

At the end of September, BFMTV revealed that the track mentioned by Sacha Houlié on Monday was “serious” on the side of the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron. A “PLFRSS” has the particular advantage, for the executive, of saving a 49.3.

The government has the right to use this article of the Constitution only once a year… unless the text is of a budgetary nature. But several members of the majority have warned in recent weeks about the risk of an explosive 49.3.

“A tool at the disposal of the government”

Chance of the calendar, a few minutes before the intervention of Sacha Houlié on the set of Public Senate, Elisabeth Borne engaged for the fifth time the responsibility of the government by the 49.3.

“We cannot perpetually replay debates that have already been decided,” said the Prime Minister, deprived of an absolute majority.

The Matignon tenant triggered 49.3 after only three hours of debate on the 2023 Social Security draft budget, examined in a new reading in the National Assembly.

Questioned in September on BFMTV, Elisabeth Borne did not exclude the use of 49.3 for the pension reform. “It is a tool that is available to the government if there is a deadlock situation,” explained the Prime Minister.

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