"It’s bad from bad" : Pipa, the Netflix film, is being knocked out by Internet users

There are plenty of new releases on Netflix. Unfortunately, not all of them are unanimous with the spectators. After the arrival of Cartera Korean action movie, and the success of Our bruised hearts, the N red company has drawn the wrath of internet users after putting an Argentinian thriller online. It is pipa, which nevertheless managed to climb into the top of the most watched feature films of the moment. The film, which acts as a sequel to Intuition and lost, visibly aroused the curiosity of subscribers, but their interest in the project quickly faded. Worn by actress, singer and dancer (and wife of Michael Bublé) Luisana Lopilato, this third part directed by Alejandro Montier signs the great return of the police officer Manuela Pelari pouf a new case of murder. Before revealing the first reactions of the spectators about pipahere is a little reminder of the pitch!

pipa on Netflix, what is it about?

pipaWhere Recurrence in English, follows the ex-inspector Manuela Pipa Pelari. While she lives recluse in a small town in Argentina, she suddenly finds herself caught up in her past and its secrets. The official synopsis for the film is as follows: “After dropping the drug trafficker Cornelia Villalba and quitting her job as an investigator, Pipa fell. To save her from herself, her aunt, Alicia Pelari, took her to La Quebrada, a small town in the north of Spain. Argentina, where Pipa has now lived in isolation for years. A retreat that has allowed her to find peace, start afresh and let her guard down, swearing never to resort to violence again. Until death tragedy of a teenage girl leads her to a place from which she believed she had escaped forever, a place where corruption, social advantages and danger reign.”

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“It’s bad from bad”, “Big dung”, “Awful”, “Total waste of time”… Internet users are not at all convinced by Pipa on Netflix.

There’s nothing better than taking a look on Twitter to find out if a movie or a series is unanimous with the public. Re pipathis is unfortunately not the case… Internet users agree that the Argentinian thriller disappointed them : “Don’t bother watching Recurrence on Netflix! Biggest crap…in the so-called 10 best Netflix movies!”, “But how can you invest in a film like that, it’s bad from bad”, “Recurrence (the Argentinian movie on Netflix) was awful. I was really looking forward to watching it.”, “Don’t bother watching Recurrence on Netflix. Total waste of time”, “I’m watching an Argentinian film on Netflix. Recurrence (yes, my Netflix is ​​in English I don’t know why) and the music is so inconsistent that I’m tempted to stop it”, “The Pipa movie on Netflix? What the fuck?”, “I’m watching a RINSED movie on Netflix it’s PIPA”.

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