– It’s been a painful half day

On Thursday morning, Kongsberg and Norway woke up to the news that five people had been killed and two injured after a 37-year-old man attacked a number of people with a bow and arrow.

The man also used other weapons.

At the same time as the attack in Kongsberg shakes the country, Jonas Gahr Støre is getting ready to become Norway’s next prime minister.

– Cruel acts

Støre himself admits that it makes its mark on the day.

– It has been a painful half day, after cruel actions in Kongsberg. My thoughts go to the relatives and those affected. We are prepared to follow up this case when we take over, and we have had good contact with the outgoing Minister of Justice, says the Labor leader to TV 2 on his way to the Storting.

Sp leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum is also affected after Wednesday’s serious attack in Kongsberg.

– It puts a different mark on the day than I had thought. We are reminded of how vulnerable society is, Vedum tells TV 2.

– Very demanding

The mayor of Kongsberg Kari Anne Sand comes from the Center Party. Vedum has not yet been in contact with his party colleague, but says it is natural to call her later.

– Not really to give any advice, but just to ask how she is doing. Being mayor in such a tough situation is very demanding, says Vedum.

The SP leader points out how important the local community becomes in such a situation.

– The good thing about Norwegian communities is that you have an incredible ability to gather and help each other. But I think everyone feels that grief and thinks of the families who are affected by the unbelievably high number who have been killed.

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