It’s in our blood: Colo Colo Women’s U19 thrashes Universidad de Chile and they are crowned champions of the 2022 Opening Tournament

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The Albas completed a well-rounded match and beat the Blues, who played a large part of the match with one less player.

© colo coloThe U19 Caciques thrashed Universidad de Chile in the Apertura final

The U19 women’s tournament reached its final this Friday, August 5. Colo Colo Feminine faced Universidad de Chile with the illusion of lifting the cup of the 2022 opening tournament. It is that, unlike what happens in the Adult National Championship, the projection series play two tournaments in the year.

Albas arrived as the great favorites. In the semifinal, they defeated Deportes Iquique by 8 goals to 0 in a duel played on the synthetic field of the Monumental Stadium. With braces from Nicole Carter and Margarita Collinao and goals from Anaís Álvarez, Anaís Cifuentes, Bárbara Medel and Paloma Bustamantethe Caciques were installed in the defining match.

In the group stage, Colo Colo obtained 9 victories in 10 games, having devastating statistics. 74 goals for and 9 against, They raise those of Popular as the great candidates to be crowned in this party. In addition, it has the participation of Anaís Álvarez, Margarita Collinao and Anaís Cifuentes, who are recurring in Luis Mena’s team in the National Championship.

See the final of the U19 Women’s Championship between Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile

And the match lived up to expectations. Although the blues came with a great previous championship, the Albas brought out their favoritism and hierarchy and defeated Universidad de Chile 7-0.

The game started out fairly even. In fact, the rival had many approaches and, midway through the first half, had a great counterattack that was stopped by a dubious play that the match referee did not see. After cardboard, Colo Colo opened the scoring with a goal from María Jesús Tapia in the 47 minutes of the first fraction.

Bárbara Medel, Anaís Álvarez, Margarita Collinao, Sofía Barrios, Nicole Cárter and an own goal by Emelie Borié, They sentenced the landslide with which the Caciques lifted the trophy, rising as the new champions of the 2022 Opening Tournament.

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