“It’s like eating Brussels sprouts” – Kanye “hasn’t read a book yet.”

“It’s like eating Brussels sprouts” |

Kanye hasn’t read a book yet

The fact that Kanye West (45) likes to tick differently than the rest of the world is nothing new. For some he is a genius, for others quite crazy. One thing is certain: he loves it extremely.

During a new episode of the podcast, “ Hello Mind Full“With the musicians Danny Harris (57) and Alyson Wilson, the rapper now revealed: He hates literature. “I haven’t actually read a book,” West says. “For me, reading is like eating Brussels sprouts.”

What does he prefer to do? “Talk!”. It was “like Giorgio Baldi’s corn ravioli”. To explain: Giorgio Baldi is a posh restaurant in Los Angeles, where stars like Rihanna (34), Orlando Bloom (45), Cindy Crawford (56) and Taylor Swift (32) come and go.

One of his favorite things to do: Kanye loves to preach

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Kanye goes even further with his podcast statement: The rapper believes that people will eventually learn to communicate without speaking – like “Jedi from Star Wars”.

However, this seems somewhat contradictory to his reading phobia: In October 2021, Kanye West opened a Christian private school, the “Donda Academy” in Simi Valley, California. Teaching and learning without reading? Difficult to imagine.

Incidentally, according to the “ Rolling StoneMagazine $15,000 per half year. He created his own curriculum. The students’ parents would have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The Academy offers a so-called “Full School Worship”. According to the website, there are classes in language arts, mathematics and science, as well as visual arts, film and choir.

According to Rolling Stone, however, the school has not yet been approved for teaching.

By the way, Kanye wants to honor his deceased mother, who was a professor herself, with the project. What did she teach? Especially English literature. The apple falls a long way from the tree here!

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