It’s official, Ted Lasso is coming to FIFA 23

After setting fans of the series in turmoil with a simple tweet, Ted Lasso and his AFC Richmond players are officially confirmed by EA on the score sheet of the next FIFA 23.

“Watch out, Mario! You’re not the only pixelated man with a mustache who never knows where the tube takes him…” From a tweet accompanied by a photo of his hero from behind, the Twitter account of the series Ted Lasso thrilled fans on Tuesday night. What if the famous Apple TV+ mustache trainer followed in the footsteps of the mustachioed man in overalls and invited himself into a video game? A crazy hypothesis became reality over the day on Wednesday.

A sibylline message and a photo in which Jason Sudeikis, his interpreter, appeared in the middle of multiple cameras like a 3D modeling system, it was enough to see the unthinkable happen: Ted Lasso will tread the lawns of the game FIFA 23.

And this is undoubtedly one of the responses to the initial message that has thrilled fans of the comedy series as fans of the video game, the official Twitter account of the Electronic Arts game reacting with a simple emoji. A reaction that is often far from trivial…

An apparition already whispered

At the end of the day, the announcement fell: Ted Lasso and his AFC Richmond players will join the famous football simulation video game which will be available on September 30th.

It has been several years since a possible appearance of the characters of the hit series from Apple TV +, still crowned with several Emmy Awards earlier this week (comedy series, best actor and best supporting actor, best direction), has been whispered. AFC Richmond was even briefly included in a list of teams on EA’s official website. This time, the team will even be playable in Career Mode, Online Matches, Online Seasons, Kick Off. And Nelson Road, home of the Greyhounds, is also featured in the game.

While the game is intended to be a realistic simulation, it seemed unthinkable to see a totally fictitious team tumbling onto the field alongside players from PSG, Real Madrid, Manchester United or Bayern Munich. At best, we thought of a nod to the famous mustache trainer in a story mode and under another name, simply for the wink, as a non-playable character. A good opportunity also to promote the future season 3 of the series expected next year and in full preparation.

The game FIFA 23 is expected on September 30, 2022 on consoles and PC (September 27 for those who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition version).

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