Iván Morales bets on young people in the midst of the search for reinforcements

Colo Colo had to experience the worst year in its history to change his vision of youth football. Today the new blood of the Cacique bursts with force in a team that is the protagonist and all have taken advantage of their opportunities under the command of Gustavo Quinteros. However, the strategist still considers that he still needs hierarchical reinforcements to complete the squad.

But a member of the club like Iván Morales gave his teammates tremendous support, all when Radio ADN asked him about the possibility of signing Fabián Orellana or Carlos Palacios as replacements for Martín Rodríguez.

“I don’t know them. I am comfortable with the ones I have, as pointers we have options like Solari, Bolados, there are options. Whoever comes, who contributes “, stated the 22-year-old striker categorically.

In that sense, he called for the cadets to continue to be taken into account: “The youth who are on the squad do it in a good way, they are all a very important projection for the club. They should keep it in mind, now it shows because they play more than before. Hopefully, the club does not waste them, because they have shown that they can play in Colo Colo and be important “.

Joan Cruz, Iván Morales and Gabriel Suazo, three formed at the club celebrating in front of their fans. / PHOTO: Agencia Uno

He also took the opportunity to highlight the union that exists in the current squad, where good results are finally being obtained with a base of values ​​formed in the smaller series of Colo Colo.

“The truth is that there is a good relationship between us as teammates and with the coaching staff, there is good communication with them. Inside the court it is reflected, we all defend ourselves, I think you can see that. The club has made a great effort to make things work out and Colo Colo does not go through what happened last year “, full.

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